Catering at Chelsea FC

An Introduction to Levy Restaurants

For the team at Levy Restaurants, it is all about the food. Nothing else can capture the senses in the same way; the smells, the visual display, the textures and of course the taste. For us, it provides a constant source of inspiration and drives us to innovate and transform. It is our ultimate passion.

As devoted restaurateurs, it is important to stay abreast of current market trends, so we often visit the latest eccentric establishments and adapt ideas to work in a stadium environment. Ben Burton, our Deputy General Manager, can often be found scouting with his team in varying restaurants, from premium fine dining, to quirky cafes and diners and even the plethora of street food markets within London.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and commitment to improving the experience, and as a result we endeavor to continue this search for fresh ideas and ways to enhance our menus.

Chris Garrett – Executive Chef

For Chris Garrett, Executive Chef, inspiration derives from the produce itself. “I often look at the produce in its raw state and try to pair it up with something, which can sometimes be unexpected or unanticipated. It’s a great thing, watching it evolve from the raw state into the finished dish is amazing.”

“There are three values that I hold true to my heart, one being using local produce where possible. This stems from spending time with farmers across Britain and seeing the struggles and continuous efforts they go through on a daily basis. I also do my best to use seasonal products in my menus. Something as simple as asparagus tastes so much fresher when in season than out of season. Lastly, I will only use sustainable British produce to ensure we are not only looking after the farming, fishing and agricultural communities, but are also taking responsibility for the environment. I have committed to these three values during my career and have been successful in creating the fresh and imaginative dishes you see today.”