Ticket exchange FAQs

Below are a list of FAQs which may help you when using the ticket exchange.

What is the link to the exchange site?

Please click here

Can a hospitality STH buy normal box office tickets on there?

No, the hospitality ticket exchange is only a portal to allow annual hospitality members to list their seats and purchase other hospitality seats. Regular, non-hospitality tickets can be applied for via your account manager when they are released on sale by the box office. Please refer to the main ticketing policy for more details.

How will I know if the seat has been sold?

When your seat(s) has been sold, you will receive an email notification. At any point, you can also log in to the ticket exchange to view the status of any seats you have listed

How long will it take for the funds to go in to my account?

Funds will be returned to you within 7 working days of the specified match

Will I get loyalty points for purchasing a ticket?

No, loyalty points are only accrued via purchases from the ticket office

Do I have to have the credit card I used to pay for the season ticket as the payment card?

To purchase tickets, you can use any accepted  credit or debit card. To sell your tickets, you will need to register a nominated bank account for all refunds to be deposited to.

Is there a maximum number of tickets I can buy?

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase, it will be subject to availability, which is determined by how many tickets are listed for resale by your fellow hospitality members

Can I give the tickets I purchase to friends and family?

Yes, once you have purchased the tickets, they are transferrable. However, our hospitality terms and conditions apply, and any guests would need to be fully aware of these. If the tickets purchased include dining, the dining table reservation will default to the name on your account. If you would like this to be amended, please contact the Hospitality Team by 3pm on the Friday before the match for weekend games, or by 12pm on the day of weekday games

Will I able to list one of my seats for sale if I have multiple seats?

Yes. The exchange is fully flexible and will allow you to list one or all of your tickets for sale. The only exception is for boxholders, who can only list their entire box for sale.

Do I need to sell all the seats in my box or can we do a share?

Boxes can only be listed in their full capacity, there is no facility to offer a shared box.

Can you link separate season ticket accounts to buy/sell together? 

No, each account is personal to the account holder and cannot be linked.

If you have 4 season tickets with the same account number can you purchase 4 tickets?

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase per account, it is only subject to availability

Will you be notified if your ticket is unsold when the sales finish?

Yes. If your ticket is unsold at the cut-off point (24 hours before the match fixture) you will be sent an email notification

If I buy a ticket within my area, can they sit on my usual table with me?

We will endeavour to accommodate all such requests, but this will be subject to space and availability in your suite

Will I be charged an administration fee to use the exchange?

There is a £1.50 per ticket processing fee applicable only when you purchase tickets.

How much will I be paid for my seat if I sell it?

You will receive the full pro-rata face value of your ticket

Can I sell my ticket for CL group stage or home domestic cup games?

No, the exchange is valid only for Premier League home matches

Can I adjust the price if my ticket isn’t selling?

No, the tickets can only be sold at the pro-rata value of your ticket, which is calculated by dividing the cost of your season ticket by 19 (the number of Premier League home games)

How can I see what seats are available on the Ticket Exchange?

When you log into the exchange, you will have the option to view all listed tickets

Will I be responsible for the behaviour of the person who has purchased my seat?

No, if they purchase via the exchange they agree to our terms and conditions and are liable for their actions. If you purchase a ticket in another area, however, you are fully responsible if a guest of yours uses that seat. Responsibility lays with the ticekt purchaser

I’ve listed my seats for a game that I can now attend. Can I cancel the listing?

As long as the ticket hasn’t sold, you can remove listings at any time.

My seats didn’t sell, does that mean I can still use them on the day? 

Yes. If your ticket hasn’t been sold at the 24 hour cut-off point, you will receive an email confirming this. Your ticket will then be yours to use as normal

What will my user account details be?

Your customer number/account number is the 5-8 digit number listed on your season ticket. Your password will be set to the postcode attached to your account, with no spaces as default. When you first log in, you will have the option to change this to your own choice of password (eg. SW61HS)

Will the person who buys the ticket be sitting with us on a matchday?

We will endeavour to separate the tables, but this will be subject to space and availability in your suite

How does the buyer physically receive my ticket? Do I need to do anything for that to happen?

There is no need for you to do anything once your ticket has been sold. If a purchase is made at least a week before the match, we will post the tickets out to the purchaser. For any purchases made less than a week before the game, we will leave the tickets for collection on the day of the game.

Whose account details can be submitted as the seller? 

The account details would need to match the name on the season tickets

What is the cut off point for being able to list a ticket? 

Tickets can be listed at any time from the date of launch, however all games will go ‘off sale’ 24 hours before the match date, so nothing can be listed at this point

I have seats in 1 or more different areas under the same account, will the system be able to pick these all up?

Yes, the system will pick up all tickets you own as long as they are all registered to the same account. If you have different tickets in different names, they will need to be dealt with individually, the system cannot pick up across multiple accounts.